Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nicol A. Kostic


Children played in this yard,
where colorful toys
were scattered once, across its grassy lawn.
Grandparents came to visit, sharing
holiday dinners,
around a sturdy dining table...
how many meals were prepared...
in an always-warm,welcoming, kitchen
with delicious smells,
of cooking meat,
from simmering soups
& cinnamon's bake.
House-pets occupied this house,
cats rested in sun, on clean window ledges,
sometimes interrupted by
a frisky, barking dog...
at a lady
bending down
to pluck
once little seeds,
she planted with her own hands.
that wall-papered,
also washed their sheets, blankets, & socks,
but history now,
in a house, doomed to fall, into the sea,
where all will be lost,
but, its memory.